Saturday, August 4, 2012

Workouts and Maternity Leave

3 mile walk - 1 hour

3.59 mile run - 42 minutes

1.75 mile walk - 34 minutes

On Wednesday, I had planned on taking the kids to the park again to push Ella in the stroller while Ethan played. The night was full of thunder, driving Ethan into our bed for the first time in years, and in the morning the weather was still threatening.

I decided to pack up the kids and drive to our local Community Building which is open for walkers during the morning. It was very hot and stuffy in there, but it provided us shelter from the storm clouds.

I pushed Ella around the court in her Bob Revolution jogging stroller. We walked in circles for an and very boring. (The stroller was a big splurge for us, but I LOVE it! Worth every penny.)

bob revolution jogging stroller

While Ella and I walked, Ethan entertained himself playing basketball with his soccer ball - eh, whatever works.

Thursday early morning, I had a great run. I ran 3.5 miles without stopping. The first two miles, my legs felt heavy. The last 1.5 miles, I felt great. I only wish that I had more time to go further but I needed to get home so that Jim could get to work.

During my run, I ran into a huge swarm of bugs. I got them in my eyes and mouth and they left me spitting out bugs. So gross! I guess I got some extra protein in my diet?? The worst was that when I got into the bathroom to take a shower, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had bugs stuck all over my sweaty skin. I felt like I had bugs stuck on me all day. Ew!

We took to the park again on Friday. Ethan rode his bike around the sidewalks while Ella and I did loops around the perimeter totaling up to 1 mile. I listed to an audio book while pushing the stroller. I'm listening to Divergent right now. The book was recommended to me but I'm not loving it. It's entertaining enough but I'm not really invested in the storyline or characters. I'm not anxious to find out what happens next or looking forward to the next time I can listen.

Tara-iffic Randomness

I'm nearing the end of my Maternity Leave. We did our first trial run on Thursday with trying to figure out timing for getting everyone ready and out the door for when I return to work on August 15th.

We've hired my mother as our "nanny" and had her come over in the morning. I ran at 5:30 AM, got ready for "work", Ella up and fed, and Ethan ready for "school" since he'll be starting Kindergarten this year.

I figure I need to be ready for work by 6:50 AM and then I can breastfeed Ella until 7:20 AM when I need to leave for my commute to work.

Jim will then take over until my mom arrives around 7:30 AM. He'll take Ethan to school on his way to work at about 7:45 AM and my mom will stay with Ella at our house during the day.

It made for a hectic morning but it was good to trial out the schedule and timing. I can't believe how quickly July went and that we're now in August and the end of my Maternity Leave is so quickly approaching.

It's going to be hard to go back to work full time and get back into the swing of things. Good thing I really enjoy my job!!

xo Tara

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